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Announcements: Check the 'Schedule' tab for practice information

CASH CALENDAR WINNERS: 4/1 Ryan & Debbie Lynn $100; 4/2 Billie Jo Groskreutz $10; 4/3 Stacey Snow $10; 4/4 Willie Veltkamp $20; 4/5 Danielle Azure $10; 4/6 Rita Staley $10; 4/7 Terri Gordillo $50; 4/8 John Primosic $50; 4/9 Daphne Grilley $10; 4/10 Dallas Lopez $10; 4/11 Danielle Azure $20; 4/12 Stephanie Anderson $10; 4/13 Chris Bauch $10; 4/14 Grant Poor $50; 4/15 Ty Moore $50; 4/16 Wende Curry $10; 4/17 Darci Neil $10; 4/18 Doug Neil $20; 4/19 Arleen Nelson $10; 4/20 Ryan Carroll $10; 4/21 Mike Severson $50;

ELECTRIC CITY CLASSIC: GFVBC 16 Gold: 2nd place in Div I Championship
GFVBC 16 Blue: 2nd place in Div II Championship

CAP CITY TOURNAMENT: 16 Blue 1st Place silver power pool - club division


Click links for Belgrade tournament info:  14 Blue   14 White & Gold   16 Blue   16 Gold   18s

Celebration Banquet: Monday April 30th, East Middle School Cafeteria, 6pm
Food & beverages provided

The Big Sky VolleyFest Player Clinic will be on Friday, May 4th at the Metra EXPO Center. This will again be hosted by the Balance Volleyball Club out of Chicago. Patty Langanis will be the director and will be assisted by her 18s team and many other local club coaches along with college coaches from the area. This clinic has been extremely fun for the players and is a great start to the weekend. Click here to register for the Big Sky VolleyFest Player Clinic

GFVBC is committed to improving skills and promoting the love of the game. We will welcome back a crew of oustanding coaches and players and continue to provide outstanding opportunities for girls from in and around Great Falls.  Contact us if you have any questions at gfvolleyballclub@gmail.com.